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The application of Innovation, Creativity and Engineering in the social context that has high human needs is the only way that develops our material world to bring peace, freedom, security and prosperity for the human kind. In this matter the integration of science, technology and innovation, is the key and our challenge is to look at the world critically and try to shape the future.

Water Future embraces the mission to conduct creative engineering for humanities purposes. Water Future initiates, innovates and applies sciences to practical and effective engineering solution for communities who lives around the world.


Water Future company aims to build a social-entrepreneurial organisation in The Netherlands that applies its Research and Development engineering in several countries to provide households, villages and farmers with saline water desalination units. The focus area for the initial phase of the project will lay in the Europe and Netherland. Water Future is working on an ion-selective water desalination system that farms could use to desalinate water or wastewater for the irrigation of crops.

The Water Future B.V. has the vision take part in eliminating freshwater scarcity for both communities and agriculture all around the world. The company shall develop towards finding further engineering solutions in areas of water treatment, energy, and agriculture.