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Meet the team

Willem van Baak

Owner, CEO


In my R&D projects for water purification, we experienced the limitations of most technologies. The developed purification system offers a solution for greenhouse waste  and irrigation water treatment.

From  an intrapeneur in a large company to an entrepreneur in a startup is a small step. Water Future likes to contribute to solve your water problems.

Emad Khatibzadeh

Co-owner, CTO


With my mechanical engineering background,  I have researched and developed the soft and hardware of the water purification system. Since 2014 we are continuously improving the system in close collaboration with our research partners.

Looking forward to your water needs and to invent new solutions.

R&D collaboration with

FUJIFILM’s activities nowadays extend over a much wider area than only photographic film. With their advanced coating and chemistry technology, FUJIFILM has developed membranes for water purification purposes. FUJIFILM aims to create value from innovation.

The HHCW is pursuing to relieve water shortages and contribute to peaceful solution of conflicts by maximizing the number of people receiving safe drinking and irrigation water through breakthrough innovations on small-scale and affordable water supply.

Wetsus is the European center of excellence for sustainable  water technology. In the theme “Desalination” universities and companies are closely working together to find new innovations for water purification related problems. Wetsus is focused on scientific excellence with commercial relevance.

The Sen-Foundation, establised in 2009, is a non-profit organisation for research and education in the field of international cooperation. It cooperates with educational institutions and official and private organisations for humanitarian aid and international development.