An effective solution for water treatment

The EcoBlue solutions aim at improving the quality of water in times of scarcity with ion-selective desalination. This improves the water quality and less precious water is wasted. This makes it easier to (re) use at competitive cost prices. The blue examples: Sodium removal from tap, ground and surface water for irrigation purposes, Calcium and Magnesium (hardness) from tap water, drinking water purification (in Mali and Palestine.)

Foto van een EcoBlue opstelling

The benefits of EcoBlue

Ion-selectieve ontzouting

Ion-selective desalination

Ion-selective desalination ensures the effective removal of unwanted calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Water softening

By removing calcium and magnesium, the water is softened and limescale deposits are avoided.


By reusing water, a very sustainable result can be achieved in cases of scarcity.

Water yield

Through the application of smart techniques a water yield of 98% can be accomplished.


More crop growth

Because of the high quality of the water more crop growth can be accomplished.


Cost efficient

Our solutions are very cost-efficient, so you quickly recoup your investment.

Low energy consumption

The EcoBlue solutions have very low energy consumption.


Smart & automatic

EcoBlue can be controlled via Wi-Fi and works fully automatically. You always have insight into the system status via your telephone, tablet or computer.

EcoBlue Projects