An effective solution for water treatment

The EcoGrey product line is aimed at applying the ion-selective desalination to industrial wastewater. Our aim is to close the water cycle and reuse 100% water at an acceptable cost. We remove harmful salts from waste water for reuse or recover valuable salts. The water quality is further improved to the desired level. The gray examples: chemical-free cooling water treatment, recovering salts from grass juice.

EcoGrey installatie

De voordelen van EcoGrey

Ion-selective desalination

Ion-selective desalination ensures the effective removal of unwanted calcium en magnesium. Also sodium can be removed by desalination.

Water softening

By removing calcium and magnesium, the water is softened and limescale deposits are avoided.


EcoGrey makes it possible to reuse water.

Water yield

Through the application of smart techniques a water yield of 98% can be accomplished.

Cost efficient

Our solutions are very cost-efficient, so you quickly recoup your investment.

Laag energieverbruik

Low energy consumption

The EcoGrey solutions have very low energy consumption.

Smart & automatic

EcoGrey can be controlled via Wi-Fi and does its job fully automatically. You always have insight into the system status via your phone, tablet or computer.

EcoGrey Projects

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Our EcoGrey solutions are specially developed for the industrial sector and give you control over water quality. This makes recirculation possible, which in turn yields significant water savings. For each EcoGrey case, a custom installation is put together that perfectly matches your situation.

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