Water Future (WF) researches, develops, produces and sells affordable water purification systems for greenhouse construction, agriculture, industry and the developing world. The WF system purifies the water and ensures the recovery of precious raw materials, resulting in savings.
With this we want to contribute to solving freshwater scarcity worldwide and making pure water more accessible to everyone.


The main success indicators in the above mission are:

  • Speed (through close contact with our customers)
  • Flexibility (through the start-up organisation)
  • Innovation (through excellent R&D and a large network)
  • Sustainability (through water saving and reuse, without chemicals)
  • Passion (driven by a team driven to achieve their goals and dreams)

The Team

Willem van Baak
Willem van BaakOwner / CEO
Willem has experience with R&D projects in which the has explored the limits of most technologies.

The step from intrapreneur in a large organization to entrepreneur in a start-up felt like a small step. The drive to solve your water problem has not changed.

Emad Khatibzadeh
Emad KhatibzadehCo-Owner / CTO
With his background in mechanical engineering, Emad has developed the hardware and software of the treatment system.

A selection from our collaborations

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