Project Description


Besides sodium removal,we also focus on improving the overall water quality in horticultural greenhouses. Current disinfection techniques (UV, Ozone, H2O2, NanoFiltration) each have their advantages and disadvantages. We are investigating the possibilities of the cavitation / vortex technique for water purification applications in the horticultural sector.The supposed advantages of this technique are: disinfection of all bacteria, lower surface tension, better nutrient uptake, better root growth, more growth, less contamination in pipelines, introducing oxygen if desired. Experiments are underway to demonstrate and quantify the supposed benefits. The disadvantages will also be investigated.



In the horticultural sector, traditional filtration techniques are often used, such as sand and cloth filters. Pre-filtration is limited to filtering particles up to 25 - 50 microns. No bacteria or viruses are removed. We are investigating the applicability of better filtration techniques.


Interested in the techniques that we want to make applicable? Feel free to contact us.