Project Description

In the European VIDA project, we aim for zero water and nutrient emissions for a horticultural greenhouse. With this we create the most sustainable food production at a lower cost! The main reason for water and nutrient emissions in horticultural greenhouses is the accumulation of sodium in the recirculated drain water. Sodium is not absorbed by plants, slows down growth and makes plants more vulnerable to disease. That is why we apply sodium removal in a tomato horticultural greenhouse of 7 hectares. The system is fully automated and suitable for reducing the sodium content in the entire drain water to the desired level (4 - 5 mmol Na + per liter). This creates better growing conditions for the grower. In addition, 80% water and 80% multivalent and 80% micronutrients are saved. Good pre-filtration is also tested to minimize system contamination. In addition, we are looking for sustainable solutions to reuse the concentrated waste water (NaCl and KNO3).

Project partners

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