Project Description

Water Future participates in the SOLIDARITY project, which aims to investigate the possibilities of converting industrial wastewater into acid and base. These products can then be reused in production processes. To this end, Water Future has joined forces with Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and Carbogen Amcis. This project started in September 2021.

As a knowledge institution, the Water & Food Biobased Research department of WUR is committed to conducting the research. Water Future has the great task of building systems that will be used for lab research and pilot studies. As a third party and as an end user, Carbogen Amcis is affiliated with this project. The aim of this project is to demonstrate at a pilot level that this technique works and can be used in the future to make production processes more sustainable and circular.

Diagram ter illustratie van het lineare proces en het nieuwe circulaire proces

The diagram above shows how, by structuring the process in a circular way, it is possible to prevent the emission of residual products Na₂SO₄ and waste water. By applying electrodialysis we can produce substances that can be reused in the production process.

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