Approach to market

Water Future will strive to continuously innovate the ion-selective system towards to wishes of the customer. We will utilize our creativity, R&D expertise and strong network (FUJIFILM, knowledge institutes, customers) to fulfil this demand.

It is envisioned that the first ion-selective systems will be implemented in the drainwater treatment of greenhouses in the Netherlands. The greenhouses are forced by the Dutch law to apply countermeasures to avoid their pesticide discard. When more systems are built, the cost prices of the systems will decline.

The next market entry is to be expected in low tech greenhouse and open field irrigation application. In many countries with warm climates, irrigation takes place with brackish water. Especially the high sodium content in irrigation water will have detrimental effect on the crop growth and yield. Treatment of the irrigation water with the ion-selective system will give better water quality, which results in more nutrients, more crop growth, more yield and thus more earnings.

This market is known to be much larger than the greenhouse market (see table). Only 2% is the high tech glass greenhouse area.  The other 98% of the area is low tech plastic foil greenhouse. Their irrigation water quality is quite often poor. With the growing world population and higher food demand, it can be expected that these low tech greenhouses will improve their irrigation water quality and their nutrient efficiency as well.

Target markets

We target three markets which we believe will benefit greatly from ion-selective water purification.


New rules and legislation regarding the treatment of wastewater flows from the greenhouse cultivation sector will come into effect on first of January 2018. These regulations place restrictions on growers for handling and disposing waste water. Water Future offers an effective solution for this.

For more information please see the attached document: Zero emission conference presentation 2018

Open agriculture

Water Future embraces the mission to innovate and develop practical and effective engineering solutions for agricultural projects in areas all around the world. The company is working on a water desalination device that farms could use to desalinate water for the irrigation of crops.

Developing countries

Access to drinking water is the crucial human right and most fundamental need. As most of the world’s water is too salty, desalination technology is crucial. Developing healthy drinking water and irrigation water by removing pollutants tackles many urgent social and political problems.