Effective solution for waste water treatment

New rules and legislation regarding the treatment of wastewater flows from the greenhouse cultivation sector will come into effect on first of January 2018. These regulations place restrictions on growers for handling and disposing waste water. New regulations require produced waste water to be treated first and be free of pesticides before disposal.

To meet these regulations, its required to install a water treatment plant which results in a significant investment and regular maintenance while all valuable ions and pesticides in the waste water are lost during this treatment.

Our service

Why not opt for an alternative option? The Water Future treatment installation. This installation will treat just the unwanted ions from the wastewater and it will allow all valuable ions to return to the irrigation system.

The concept is simple: Water Future will install a treatment system in your drain silo and will continually monitor this. The moment the unwanted ions concentration starts to increase, Water Future treatment system will treat the wastewater as long as the desired concentration is reached. It will allow us to take the process entirely off your hands.